Kubernauts Kubernetes Services (KKS)

Operate and Scale Kubernetes with Enterprise Grade Support

Operate an enterprise grade and production ready Kubernetes infrastructure backed by Kubernauts' experts. We’ll help you build Kubernetes Clusters On-Prem and in the Cloud, providing advice and support for operation to build, run and scale critical services the DevOps way for you and together with you to ensure business agility and high velocity with security in mind.

KKS: Kubernauts Kubernetes Services

As more organizations adopt container technology with Kubernetes, the demand for managing and maintaining highly available Kubernetes clusters has skyrocketed to a point that compaines are asking for Kubernetes managed services.

We provide high quality Kubernetes implementation services to a wide range of businesses who need to grow fast and streamline their software delivery lifecycle to release their services even multiple times a week or even a day.

Kubernauts Kubernetes Services - KKS - helps you to deploy Kubernetes in an uniform and homogeneous way. KKS supports deploying Kubernetes eveywhere, in the cloud or on-prem.

We support a wide range of applications and services on top of Kubernetes such as load testing, multi-cluster management with Rancher, central monitoring and alerting with OneMoon, backup and desaster recovery, risk assessment, Cloud Native Storage implementations and much more.

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