Seeking Kubernetes Engineers, SREs and Kubernetes Trainers

We are looking for you to join our team as a Kubernetes Engineer, DevOps SRE Solution Architect or Kubernetes Trainer.

You should love working with people and sharing your knowledge with your peers and be extremely knowledgeable in the Cloud-Native field.

Some of your responsibilities might be:

  • Working with the Kommunity (a must have)
  • Work tightly with our customers, understand and capture their requirements
  • Design and build distributed systems
  • Contribute and fix bugs in upstream Kubernetes
  • Having interest to work on TK8
  • Having interest to dive into OpenShift and Rancher
  • Work with your fellow engineers and the community to make the world a better place
  • Create and review technical training programs according to our community requirements
  • Prepare training schedules, classroom agenda and training materials, such as presentations, worksheets and so on.
  • Develop course content according to objectives
  • Perform training sessions, webinars, workshops etc. in groups or individually



Please send your resume to [email protected] using the “Working at Kubernauts” subject.


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Kubernetes Engineer

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DevOps / SRE Solution Architect

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Kubernetes Trainer

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