Kubernauts Kubernetes Services (KKS)

Operate and Scale Kubernetes with Enterprise Grade Support

Operate an enterprise grade and production ready Kubernetes infrastructure backed by Kubernauts' experts. We’ll help you build Kubernetes Clusters anywhere, providing advice and support for operation to build, run and scale critical services the DevOps way.

We are the makers of TK8 provisioner, an open source tool which helps you to deploy Kubernetes in an uniform and homogeneous way. TK8 supports currently Kubespray, Rancher Kubernetes Engine, Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS and OpenShift (OKD) deployments. Currently we support installations and configurations for AWS, Azure and Bare-Metal servers. TK8 provides addons to facilitate the deployment of a wide range of applications and services on top of Kubernetes such as load testing, multi-cluster management with Rancher, monitoring, backup and desaster recovery and much more.

Kubernauts Kubernetes Services

As more organizations adopt container technology with Kubernetes, the demand for managing and maintaining highly available Kubernetes clusters has skyrocketed to a point that compaines are asking for Kubernetes managed services.

We provide full-managed Kubernetes Services to a wide range of businesses who need to grow fast and streamline their software delivery lifecycle to release their services even multiple times a week or even a day.

Kubernauts Kubernetes Services provides supervised:

  • Rancher Control Plane
  • Monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana)
  • Logging with EFK (Elastic, Fluentd, Kibana)
  • CI/CD with Gitlab
  • Service Mesh with Istio
  • Ambassador, Contour, Nginx or Traefik Ingress Controllers and API Gateways
  • Apache Kafka Implementation (Confluent or Strimzi)
  • Apache Jmeter Cluster
  • Container Registry
  • Container Security
  • Container Scanning
  • HashiCorp Vault Integration
  • Pumba CE Integration
  • Jfrog OSS Integration
  • Backup / Restore functionality


Kubernetes Automation & Integration 

Even if you're using Google's GKE today or are going to use Microsoft's AKS or Amazon's EKS soon, our setup and integration services can help your team to get started with a secure and resilient environment, (mostly) free of security leaks and back-doors and we feel commited to provide this to you.

Kubernetes Security Check

If you're running a Kubernetes cluster that your team is running and maintaining, we'll help you to check your cluster for security leaks and back-doors!

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