Kubernetes Crash Course

This is a One Day Kubernetes Crash Course for beginners and those who'd like to learn about running K8s in production.

Location and Date:

KOMED Mediapark 6
50670 Cologne

March 28th, 2019 
Begin: 09:00 
End: 18:00 
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Course Material:

  • Kubernetes Learning Resources
  • Kubernauts' Kubernetes Training Slides
  • Kubernetes in Action Book
  • Kubernetes CookBook
  • Kubernauts' Kubernetes Cheat Sheet

You'll learn about:

  • Kubernetes fundamentals
  • Short introduction to Kubernetes and its Architectur
  • First steps with Docker and Kubernetes - Hands-On K8s and TK8
  • Kubernetes Implementation Design
  • Learn about Kubernetes API Groups
  • Learn about pods, create, supervise and manage them manually
  • Learn about multiple replication controllers, schedulers and when to use them
  • Learn about services, ingress controllers, load balancers
  • Learn about Config-Maps, Secrets and Cert-Manager
  • Learn about ephemeral volumes, persistent volumes, provisioners and storage classes
  • Learn about Security best practices
  • Learn about monitoring and logging and get deep insights about the cluster health
  • Learn about Statefulsets and best practices to run stateful applications in production
  • Learn how to deploy and use the Vault Operator
  • Learn about Backup & Recovery
  • Run a complex app on K8s with 10 microservices and learn how it was built!
  • Practice Questions
  • Tips & Tricks
  • CKA(D) Exam Preparation

Number of students:
The number of Kubernauts is limited to 16.


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