Practical Kubernetes Training

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A 3 Day intensive Practical Kubernetes Online Training for DevOps professionals and those who'd like to learn about running K8s in production.

Location: Online via Zoom Private Meeting Room


Start:   September 25th, 2023, 10:00 am CET
End:     September 27th, 2023, 5:00 pm CET

Registration Fee for 3 Day Instructor Led Trainings:
800.00 Euro

Number of students:
The number of seats is limited to 6.

Registration: please drop us an email and reserve your seat: [email protected]

You'll learn about:

  • What is Kubernetes?
  • What does Kubernetes do?
  • Which Kubernetes?
  • Learn about OpenShift
  • Learn about Rancher
  • Kubernetes Cluster Design and Topology (MGMT, INFRA-OPS, DEV, QA, PROD-A, PROD-B)
  • Kubernetes on vSphere with Kubeadm
  • HA'ed Kubernetes deployments with upstream Kubernetes, OpenShift, Rancher Kubernetes Engine or K3s
  • Kubernetes tooling, helpers and plugins
  • Kubernetes Architecture and Concepts
  • Kubernetes API Groups
  • Pods, create, supervise and manage them manually
  • Multiple replication controllers, schedulers and when to use them
  • Services, ingress controllers, ingress and load balancing
  • Config-Maps, Secrets and Cert-Manager
  • Ephemeral volumes, persistent volumes, provisioners and storage classes
  • Monitoring and logging and get deep insights about Thanos and how to build a Central Monitoring Cluster
  • How to proactively avoid issues before they occur (anomaly detection)
  • Statefulsets and best practices to run stateful applications in production
  • Loadbalancers (MetalLB, Kube-vip, F5, etc.)
  • Service Mesh with Linkerd (ISTIO)
  • KONG API Gateway and Konga
  • Deploy and use the HashiCorp Vault Operator
  • Build Operators for your APPs 
  • Kubernetes security best practices for production environments
  • Kubernetes CIS Benchmarks and Penetration Testing
  • Troubleshooting Workflow
  • Key Enterprise Kubernetes Requirements
  • Cluster Backup & Recovery
  • Tips & Tricks


The training plan

Our training plan is a collaborative effort that actively seeks feedback from the community to ensure that we can best serve your needs through affordable instructor-led trainings.

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