Kubernetes Implementation Training (PoC)

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By this advanced on-site training course you'll learn which enterprise grade Kubernetes solution is the right choice for your needs and how to implement and extend your Kubernetes solution with different capabilities such as storage, monitoring, identity management, networking, CI/CD and security soultions and build and maintain a service catalog for your real-world business needs.

You'll also learn how multi-cluster deployments works in an hybrid topology and how to deal with various security challenges.

The advanced topics which we address according to your needs during this course are:

  • Kubernetes HA implementation, operation and maintanance
  • CI / CD with Kubernetes
  • Central Monitoring, logging and alerting
  • Kubernetes Custom Service Catalog
  • Manage Secrets with Vault on Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes on AWS, Azure, GCP,  vSphere, OpenStack or Bare-Metal
  • Container Security & Risk Assessment
  • Kubernetes Backup and Disater Recovery
  • Kubernetes migration and upgrades
  • Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy Implementation

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Kubernetes PoC

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