KKS: Kubernauts Kubernetes Services

Become Cloudless with our Hybrid Kubernetes Implementation Services for your Business Critical Stack!

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The Kubernaut

The Kubernaut (TK8):
Your Cloud-Agnostic Kubernetes Automation and Integration Tool

TK8 provides an uniform and homogeneous multi-cloud, multi-cluster and fully automated Kubernetes platform installation and integration tool with HA support!

TK8 leverages Kubespray, Rancher RKE, EKS or AKS to perform Kubernetes deployments on any cloud and even on bare-metal servers. Currently we support installations for AWS, Azute and Bare-Metal. Needles to say, TK8 is 100% open source under the Apache License 2.0. 

Get TK8

Supported Configuratios and Pricing

TK8 comes with built-in multi-os supported configurations for AWS / EKS, OpenStack and Bare-Metal and additional Add-Ons.


For smaller teams starting their Kubernetes journey.


For teams who know Kubernetes well and love communities.

  • Unlimited nodes
  • Kubernauts community support via slack
  • Free for ever


For mid-size enterprises with fast growing deployments.

  • Up to 30 nodes / cluster
  • Service Desk Support
  • Office hours with 4 hours reaction time
  • Contact for pricing


For large enterprises with highly dynamic configurations.

  • More than 30 nodes / cluster
  • Unlimited tickets
  • 24/7 with 2 hours reaction time
  • Contact for pricing

Kubernetes Special Offers

Kubernetes Best Practices

Our Kubernetes best practices are at your service.

  • CI/CD, Helm Charts
  • Enterprise grade Add-Ons
  • Network optimization

Kubernetes Security Audits

Security audits of your hosted Kubernetes installations.

  • Your images and containers are free of vulnerabilities
  • You will get detailed reports of the detected vulnerabilities
  • You will get the needed strategies to address security