Rancher Dedicated as a Service with KKS to become Cloudless!

Rancher Dedicated as a Service - RDaaS - is part of our KKS offering, a fully managed Rancher Cluster Manager running on a Kubernetes Cluster that makes it easy for you to build additional Kubernetes Clusters everywhere and run your applications and services on top.

Kubernetes clusters are challenging to setup, scale, and manage in production. When you run Kubernetes on your own, you need to provision servers, configure Kubernetes manually, replace servers when they fail, orchestrate server patches and upgrades, architect the cluster for high availability, ensure data is durably stored and secured, setup monitoring and alarms, and carefully plan scaling.

Together with RDaaS and our KKS offering, we make it easy for you to build and run production applications on Kubernetes without needing Kubernetes infrastructure management expertise. That means you spend less time managing infrastructure and more time building applications.

RDaaS with KKS comes with - optional - Rancher Enterprise Support

RDaaS and KKS comes with an optional Rancher Enterprise subscription in cooperation with our sister Clouds Sky GmbH and through its partnership with our friends at Rancher Inc.

For whom is RDaaS designed?

RDaaS is designed and built for those companies who have a need to seriously run a managed Kubernetes everywhere, either On-Prem or as a Cloudless service togehter for you or with you! We take the pain and reduce the complexity of Day 2 operation and help you to focus on your Core Business needs.

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