Kubernautic: The Cloud Agnostic Managed Kubernetes as a Service Platform based on Rancher Kubernetes Cluster Manager

Kubenautic is a platform based on an extended, optimized Rancher Kubernetes Cluster Manager which provides a dedicated Highend offering for SMEs and large enterprise customers to run and manage Kubernetes as a Service on any cloud infrastructure such as AWS, GCP, Azure, vSphere, OpenStack, Baremetal, etc.

Kubernautic was developed to run and operate a large number of Kubernetes Clusters in mission critical environments today.

With Kubernautic dedicated offering customers are running business critical systems for IIoT applications and others like Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors on highly available DR enabled Kubernetes environments.

A basic initial, minimal setup of Kubernetes clusters through Kubernautic looks similar to the following illustration:

(c) kubernautic basic cluster-design

which provides our fully managed enterprise grade implementation of Rancher Cluster Manager running on any K8s Cluster such as Rancher Kubernetes Engine, k0s or the upstream kubeadm made Kubernetes Clusters, which in turn provisions, manages and monitors the Downstream Worker Clusters with our custom implemented OneMoon monitoring system based on Thanos, EFK or Grafana Loki stack.

The whole ecosystem around Kubernautic supports auto-provisioning of InfraOps components with Terraform to deploy K8s clusters within few minutes on any Public Cloud Infrastructure like AWS, GCP, Azure or IONOS Cloud with support for Bare Metal, vSphere or OpenStack environments in some hybrid architectures.

The whole ecosystem around Kubernautic is presented in the following illustration as an example:

(c) kubernautic ecosystem

Kubernautic is a Platform ready to build Cloud Agnostic Kubernetes Platforms

Kubernetes is a Platform to build platforms, with Kubernautic we take a step further to automate and provision Kubernetes implementations with Rancher Cluster Manager as a Service on top to build enterprise grade, cloud agnostic Kubernetes platforms to run anywhere, on any cloud, including private vSphere, Bare-Metal or OpenStack clouds.

(c) kubernautic system-design

The illustration above presents a basic setup of Kubernautic to build enterprise grade Kubernetes environments with F5 BigIP, or MetalLB, Thanos, Harbor Container Registry, Kong API Gateway, Minio S3, Tekton / ArgoCD / Jenkins and Linkerd Service Mesh.

Central Monitoring for Kubernetes

The heart of Kubernautic is our custom central monitoring system which enables to observe and monitor all downstream worker clusters through a single grafana interface presented in the following illustration:

(c) kubernautic one moon

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