RSaaS - Rancher Shared as a Service

Rancher Shared as a Service - RSaaS - provides instant access to a shared Rancher Management Server running on Kubernetes on AWS Cloud. RDaaS was desinged to help everyone to get free access forever to Rancher and start deploying a new or importing an existing Kubernetes Cluster on the Cloud or On-Prem for PoC or to learn about the capabilities of Rancher Server.

Kubernetes Cluster Access for Testing

B2B customers and active community members can ask to get access to a Rancher Kubernetes Engine Cluster running on our own Bare Metal Servers or request access to a dedicated Rancher Server environment to test our Rancher Dedicated as a Service - RDaaS - offering.

Get started now, for free, forever +

RSaaS vs. Hosted Rancher from Rancher Inc.

RSaaS was implemented to help individuals and SMBs to get started with Rancher Management Server with a single click and is NOT an alernative to the Hosted Rancher Service Offering from Rancher Inc.

What about RDaaS?

RDaaS is a dedicated Cloudless service running in your own AWS account managed by us and comes with the supported Elastic Kubernetes Service EKS from Amazon Web Services AWS with our Auto Fleet Spotting implementation to reduce your cloud costs by up-to 90%, but you have the option to get 2nd Level Support through Rancher Inc.'s Enterprise Subscription for your mission critical Kubernetes clusters managed by Rancher Management Server. Our support team is working together with Rancher Inc. field engineers to provide the best fanatical support for you!

Free Rancher and Kubernetes Training

RSaaS users are more than welcome to attend to our free trainings which are taking place every 2 weeks or use our Practical Kubernetes Training Site for Self-Paced training.

In addition to our free trainings, we provide Instructor-Led trainings to learn and implement Kubernetes everywhere the right way through our Kubernetes Implementation Training.

Practical Kubernetes Training Site

Kubernauts Worldwide Meetup

Join our online sessions at Kubernauts Worldwide Meetup and enjoy free trainings and great presentations from the kommunity!

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